17 November 2009

Moisture Analysis and why you need to stay ahead of the problem!

 Moisture Analysis and why you need to stay ahead of the problem!

90 % of ALL building failures are related to water infiltration as a result of building deficiencies.  

Water intrusion may lead to rot, structural problems, pest infestation, indoor air quality problems, and mold. All of these symptoms of water ingress can substantially diminish the value of a home or structure.

SC Property Pros has been a leader in the moisture analysis industry for over fifteen (15) years. The first defense against water breaching the envelope (or shell) of a building is proper construction and weatherproofing components. Unfortunately, building inspectors, and even contractors, often overlook the most important aspect of protecting a home from deterioration: weatherproofing! The S.C. Property Pros utilizes state-of-the-art moisture meters and cameras to track water in construction. Our certified inspectors have extensive knowledge in identifying building deficiencies, which deviate from manufacturers’ specifications and building codes, ultimately resulting in detrimental water intrusion and system, or even structural, failure.

Our Experience with SC Moisture
We’ve performed comprehensive moisture studies on over 1500 properties throughout the southeast and helped many property owners either save or maintain the value of their home. Whether you suspect moisture problems exist from visible signs, or simply need to ensure your home is dry, The S.C. Property Pros can help. Our services include third party inspections throughout the construction process as well as evaluating existing structures. Additionally, a proactive approach to maintenance can be a valuable tool in selling your home to a potential buyer. You may think your home is dry, but wouldn’t you rather know?

If you found this information valuable or have moisture issues with your South Carolina property, all you need to do is call.   Contact us today to schedule an inspection or inquire about our broad scope of services.  Below is a bit of information about South Carolina Property Pro credentials and licensing.

South Carolina State license

Residential Builder SC RBB 20877

Exterior Design Institute

~ EIFS Inspector                           
~ Hardi-Plank Inspections                                                                    
~ Stucco Inspector                        
~ Stone Veneer Inspections 
~ Vinyl Inspections                                                                

~ Moisture Analysis                       
~ Third Party Inspections
~ Building Envelope                        

Additional Qualifications:              

~ Certified EIFS Application with Pleko Corp
~ Certified Stucco Application with Bonsal Corp.
~ Certified Waterproofing Systems with Hydro-Stop
~ Report Maker Pro Software Operator
~ Tramex WW Detector/Encounter Moisture Meters
~ Delmhorst Intrusive Wall Probe Meters
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