12 August 2010

Rumors of Google Me Social Network May In Fact Be True

Faster than a Short Sale
Faster than a property search engine-More Powerful than a Jackhammer operator after two caramel lattes-Able to build 3 story homes without a blueprint...If you don't believe me, just Google Me!

No but seriously...all jokes aside I have been hearing rumors for close to a month now about the Google folks are all getting ready to set up a social network all it’s own in direct competition with the likes of Facebook and Twitter etc.  Although I'm not always one to listen (or read) rumors offline, this type of gossip may actually get kind of interesting.  But where the heck do these rumors come from?  As you know, The unRealtor likes to get to the source and work his way from the inside out.    Where did this rumor start?

It wasn't Perez Hilton..that's for sure.  How about Kevin Rose, CEO of Digg via Tech Crunch.  It all started with a tweet, as most rumors do these days.
People just don't what to think anymore..

Ok...so it's Not a Rumor.  Its a Real Project...
I mean, it's already got its own movie for goodness sake. So what might the rumored social experiment Google Me actually be? No one seems to really know. But it does appear to be somehow related to one's Google Profile, a service that got a shot in the arm with the debut of Google Buzz earlier this year-which has turned into a gigantic flop, according to the so-called "experts." Google Buzz lets users share links, pictures, and thoughts with friends who find them through their Google Profile, but Buzz hasn't exactly put a dent in Facebook's growth.  Will it?  Can it?  Mashable Blog does a pretty good job of ironing out these details.

What will Google Me Mean for Real Estate Professionals?
We'll just have to wait and see.  My guess is we shall see a shift in paradigm where agents who create the best and most content related to their business will leave their competition in the dust. In other words, more focus on the more social agents and brokers and a social networking approach to the ways that consumers receive and/or stumble upon listing data.

A Whole New Meaning attached to "Just Google It"
An interesting related story:  My buddy, the Loftninja used to be an unreal estate agent/blogger in Brooklyn, NY and refused to carry business cards.  When he met people who were looking for property to buy or sell, he would just tell them "Google Me."   Never once did anyone come back to him and say that they couldn't find him.  That in itself can attest to the power of those two words, even back in 2003.  I'm not ashamed to say that I look forward to seeing how Google Me pans out.  I'll keep you all in the loop.

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